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Detailed Description
Painless Performance Products has released a first in vehicle wiring for the aftermarket, a fully integrated vehicle chassis harness and LS1 fuel injection harness all in one unit. The harness is designed for those building a project car/truck using an LS1 / 4L60E combination. The harness features dual ECM controlled fan relays, fuel pump relay, ECM controlled A/C compressor and provisions to add a Camaro cruise control module. The harness incorporates all the circuits found in a Painless 18-circuit universal chassis harness and more. The factory LS1 ECM can be mounted under the dash, in the engine compartment or under the passenger seat.

Year: 1997 - 2004
Make: General Motors
Model: Camaro, Firebird, Corvette
Engine: 5.7L LS1 / LS6 w/ Cable Throttle Body
Trans.: 4L60E


 Rewire your LS1 / LS6 project truck or car with one Painless harness, the 60608.  All required chassis to fuel injection harness integration has already been done for you.  Four easy steps to upgrading your vehicles wiring.

  1. Mount the integrated fuse block under the dash.
  2. Mount your LS1/LS6 ECM under or behind the passenger seat, under the dash, in the engine compartment, behind the headlight buckets or in the fender.
  3. Route and connect the wires according to the fully illustrated installation manual.
  4. Drive the vehicle and enjoy all of the creature comforts expected from a brand new vehicle.

Great features only found in the 60608:

  • 26 circuit/ 7 relay fuse block.
  • Fitment = 1997-2004 LS1/LS6 mechanical throttle body fuel injection with 4L60E automatic transmission harness and universal chassis harness (GM color coded) integrated into a single fuse block.
  • Includes connections for factory style LS1 Camaro cruise control module.
  • Mounts ECM in engine compartment, under the dash or under the passenger/driver seats.
  • One fuse block to mount.
  • No extra relays to purchase for standard installation.
  • If fuse block expansion is needed, relay kits that clip to the side of the fuse block are available (add up to 5 expansion relays).
  • A/C compressor is ECM controlled for torque compensation (eliminates low idle issues and automatically activates the cooling fan relays with the A/C on).
  • Integrated grounding circuits that cover the entire vehicle bumper to bumper.
  • Free ECM reflash with purchase of 60608. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Harness provides fused power circuits for

  1. Injectors
  2. Coils
  3. PCM/MIL
  4. O2/MAF
  5. Fuel pump
  6. Transmission
  7. Cooling Fan 1 (40 Amp Circuit Breaker)
  8. Cooling Fan 2 (40 Amp Circuit Breaker)
  9. Wiper motor
  10. Turn signals
  11. Cruise control/Instrument panel
  12. Power windows
  13. A/C heat
  14. Radio B+
  15. Radio Ignition hot
  16. Stop/Hazard lights
  17. Backup lights
  18. Dome/Interior lights
  19. Headlight
  20. Taillight
  21. Horn
  22. Cigarette Lighter/DLC/PCM
  23. Power door locks
  24. Ignition switch
  25. Battery
  26. Accessory (this is a threaded battery hot junction post on the fuseblock)

Harness provides relays for the following

  1. Transmission  -ignition key activated-
  2. Fuel Injection System  -ignition key activated-
  3. Horn -activated by the horn button-
  4. A/C compressor clutch -activated by the powertain control module-
  5. Fuel Pump -activated by the powertain control module-
  6. Cooling Fan 1 -activated by the powertain control module-
  7. Cooling Fan 2 -activated by the powertain control module-

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